My medical road

After 28 years practice medicine in China and U.S,  I got my own view about medical practice and health/wellness.  Maybe you never heard such idea, because it combined ancient China knowledge and German technology.  but "mind like parachute, when it open, woks better".

First, I like to thanks my mentor Dr. Kang. He guide me to know the milestone German doctor---Dr. Reinhold Voll and Homeopathy medicine. 

What's Dr.Voll so special?  You may ask any Acupuncturist a question ---what's shape of ​Acu-point? Is it a circle/square/triangle? How much it's diameter? How deep it is? I never seen anybody answer there questions, but Dr. Voll.

The other milestone step, Dr. Voll use 'Dermatron' to measure Acu-point found the link between point and part of organ. It's not by anybody feeling, by numbers! He made T.C.M from 'Analog'(pulse & tongue) to digitalis!

Benefit internet and ​group unselfish doctors in China, Dr. Huang, YuanYu (1704-1758 A.D.) books republished again 300 hundred years later. it's changing my view of Chinese medicine. He applied Chinese oldest "Yi Jing" to medicine to understand how the internal organ works together, what's relationship of each other. 

"One Qi circling wheel",  the 'wheel' axle is stomach/pancreas(earth), the other 4 elements (liver/wood/spring, heart/fire/summer, lung/metal/fall, kidney/water/winter) on the wheel. If the wheel & axle running smooth, you wouldn't hear 'noise'. Some 'noise' maybe just need alignment(function disorder) , the others may parts broken---pathology change.

Besides accident, all disease start function disturbance, then become permanent damage. By the German researcher---Bio-electric change is 3~5 earlier than Biochemical/pathology change, EAV's reading can make early detective first, this is the other level medicine---preventive medicine---real Wellness.  Even at pathology stage, we can apply EAV number to the 'wheel', try to find of cause of diseases, then make 'wheel' run normally!         

The last very important point, Human body isn't machine! it is life, it has the most important healing power---immune system/ God medicine!  Human body has 10 time more bacteria than cells. Anti everything is not solution, balance is.

If you agree with me combine Dr.Voll electric Acupuncture(EAV) with old Chinese medicine theory, let's open a new window​ to medical treatment and wellness!

Let's our body work like this "Ode to Joy"